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At Covenant To Care, we believe that passionate, caring and dedicated staff makes a true difference in over all quality when it comes to the services we offer. 

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Covenant to Care has several facilities located throughout Metro Detroit.  Contact our office to find a facility near you.



  • Covenant To Care is an equal opportunity employer.  We strive to offer a great work environment to o...

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why choose CTC?

    A. We specialize in working with people of all ages who have DD. We have over 20 years of experience providing care that focuses on the needs and wants of the persons served. We are family oriented and take a passionate, loving stand to assist in their lives to bring them to normalization as much as possible.

  • Q: What training is provided to staff?

    Covenant to Care Inc. training department includes Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, CPR & 1st courses, and Residential Services in Community Settings. CTC takes pride in providing extensive training to its highest standard to meet the needs of the persons served in their community settings. 

  • Q: What areas do you service?

    A. We service the Metro Detroit area.  We have several locations throughout this area. BRIGHTER DAY II FACILITY SIL RESIDENTIAL FACILITIES

  • Q: How does CTC deal with severe behavioral issues?

    A. CTC focuses on the behaviors not the individual. Our approach is genuine, matter of fact, and allow the individual to express their needs. Behavioral issues are indications the person is communicating something to us. We listen, understand and show love to them as human beings. Love is a conqueror.

  • Q: What is developmental disabled?

    A. Developmental Disabilities are several conditions that becomes apparent during childhood. DD can occur before, during, or after birth that causes mental or physical limitations. Some people may have limited ability to care for their physical needs. Many have more than one disability.

    While some with DD face a more challenging future than most, they can still enjoy a full and active life. Through encouragement, understanding and interaction with others to help them maximize their opportunities for becoming part of their community.

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